How does it work?

Research shows that practicing gratitude (e.g. taking time to notice and appreciate the things that are good in your life) has a variety of benefits:

  • - Increased happiness

  • - Stronger immune systems

  • - Better sleep quality

  • - Higher resilience

  • - Increased overall wellbeing

To help you reap these benefits we have created this beautiful App. The App encourages you to think about anything you felt grateful for (e.g. things, people, relationships, experiences, talents, circumstances, nature, cultural aspects like art or music, ...) and to write it down on a daily basis.

With this App
you can:

  • - Write a gratitude journal to improve your health and wellbeing

  • - Set reminders to practice gratitude

  • - Receive random Happy Flashbacks showing your past entries

  • - Browse in past entries whenever you like

  • - Share your entries on social media

Beautiful Interface

That motivates you even more to practice gratitude every day!

Appreciate is available on the App Store worldwide for FREE! Get your happiness assistant now...

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